Read with ROOT!

Welcome to the world of ROOT

ROOT is a dynamic tool designed to help students quickly comprehend elements of reading, math equations, scientific notations, musical notes and more.

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Easy to use

With it’s “Feather touch” slider focusing the light is easy and responsive. You’ll be teaching someone to read in no time.

Designed for the hand

The ergonomics of ROOT have been carefully crafted to insure it works for most hands. Simple and easy to use.

Learn to read

ROOT can help focus a learner on anything, words, phonics, complex math formulas and even musical notes! Versatile.
Our mission is to educate children with tools designed to make learning fun and interactive. We look to support the youth of the world and work towards a greater good for all children. Our goal is to help kids achieve literacy through better education and instill them with the knowledge and skills necessary for improving their lives and their communities. Chad Wonder

Inventor and Founder, ROOT Literacy Light

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ROOT is Patent Pending and protected under US Patent Laws